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1. Background: Support to Chattisgarh tribals displaced to Andhra Pradesh
2. Nutrition, education, repatriation, livelihood, NREGS and other activities
Appendix 1 Solidarity committee meeting
Annexure 2 Repatriation of Lingagiri villagers 
Annexure 3 Meeting of displaced tribals

Annexure II:

Repatriation of Lingagiri villagers, 17 March 2009

Lingagiri, once a prosperous tribal village, was severely hit by the violence of Salwa
Judum in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. It comprises of 4 hamlets, and comes under the
purview of Bsaguda thana, Avupalli block of Bijapur district. It was found that that out of
73 families 69 were having more than 10 acres of land. Many people from the village are
educated and are in government service.

In December 2006, Salwa Judum along with SPOs, CRPF and local police had attacked
the village and killed 4 persons including a one young girl who was raped and killed
brutally. Another girl was raped but rescued by the villagers later. All the houses were
burnt and nothing was left behind.

After the raid, 53 families from Lingagiri fled to
Andhra Pradesh borders and settled down in
Ligapurampadu and Pedamidisileru, surrounding
villages of Charla (block headquarters in
Khammam district). The well to do tribal farmers
who used to export fine quality of rice had started
to survive on wage labour work in Andhra

After the Nendra experiment by Vanavasi Chetana Ashram, the villagers of Lingagiri too
have got inspired and decided to go back to their native place. VCA had come forward to
facilitate the process in Chhattisgarh.

Solidarity Committee on Internally Displaced Tribals and ASDS in Andhra Pradesh together facilitated the process of repatriation. The volunteers of VCA and ASDS spent 3 days with the people to prepare them for a risky but rightful return. On 17th March a meeting was held in Lingapurampadu. Dr. Rukmini Rao, Gramya Resource Center for Women, Mr. Sondi Veeraiah, Adivasi Vidyarthi Samkshema Parishat, P. Raghu, Action Aid, V.Gandhi Babu, ASDS, Ram Lekaam and Mothiram from VCA, attended the meeting. Representatives of electronic and print media also attended to cover the event. All the persons attended the programme, strongly felt that it was the right of the tribals to return to their home and to live in peace. They also expressed hope for normalcy to be restored soon at Lingagiri with its past glory where tribal farmers back to agriculture, children to school and men and women without the fear of conflict or violence either by Judum or by state machinery or by Maoists.

In the words of the tribal women who were going back:‘we want our village, our market and our paddy fields back to life and as rich as they were earlier and nobody should attack us’, Soyam Chandramma and another woman Gantala Baby recollected her painful experience – ‘3 years ago it took 5 days of walk to reach this village. On the third day of our journey to Andhra Pradesh I gave birth to a child in the forest. We did not have even a piece of cloth to keep the child, but still the child survived. We named him as Adavi Ramudu
(forest boy). Now we hope there would not be any attack again.

At last, 64 displaced tribals including 30 men, 27 women, 2 boys and 6 girls from 44 families have started back to their native place on two tractors with a hope that VCA and ASDS will take care of their security and basic needs.

Four years have gone. The supreme court, NHRC and the government of Chhattisgarh had done nothing for the repatriation of the displaced tribals but the tribals are coming forward to go back to their home saying ‘any way it is our native place and one day or the other we have to reach there and live there’. However time will only decide, whether they< can start their life again with peace there and whether government supports or acts contrary.

List of tribals who left Lingapurampadu and Murumuru for Lingagiri, Basaguda
thana of Chhattisgarh

No of Families No of persons Name Age M/F
Lingapurampadu, Charla Mandal
1 1 Soyam Ramulu 30 M
2 2 Soyam Sharadha 40 F
  3 Soyam Pallavi 3 F
3 4 Gande Ganapathi 25 M
4 5 Chanda Chandraiah 35 M
5 6 Pasupula Raju 35 M
6 7 Edji Rajesh 18 M
7 8 Chanda Raju 22 M
8 9 Pasupula Bhashanth 20 M
9 10 Edji Pandith 20 M
  11 Edji Anitha 18 F
10 12 Golla Ganesh 21 M
  13 Golla Radha 18 F
11 14 Pujari Vasanthi 45 F
12 15 Soyam Kannamma 45 F
13 16 Gantala Raju 35 M
  17 Gantala Rathamma 30 F
  18 Gantala Shireesha 3 F
  19 Gantal Rambai 50 F
14 20 Pusam Kannamma 50 F
15 21 Soyam Narsimha 28 M
  22 Soyam Sammakka 50 F
16 23 Chanda Sammaiah 45 M
17 24 Gantala Rajesh 25 M
  25 Gantala Beby 20 F
  26 Gantala Shantha 32 F
  27 Gantala Maina 38 F
  28 Gantala Adavi Ramudu 3 M
18 29 Sadavalli Satyavathi 45 F
19 30 Sadala Sambaih 60 M
20 31 Nandula Sunitha 21 F
21 32 Nandula Shatrugam 32 M
22 33 Pusam Gowramma 40 F
23 34 Pujari Chandraiah 35 M
24 35 Pujari Rajakka 30 F



  36 Pujari Nagesh 10 M
25 37 Sanda Nagamma 40 F
26 38 Chedem Jagapathi 45 M
27 39 Pujari Arjun 40 M
  40 Pujari Nagamma 30 F
28 41 Pujari Munna 30 M
29 42 Sanda Chinnakka 60 F
30 43 Edji Raja Ram 17 M
31 44 Pujari Seethamma 63 F
32 45 Pujari Dharmamma 45 F
33 46 Pujari Nandini 10 F
34 47 Soyam Nagamma 45 F
35 48 Sanda Paramesh 28 M
36 49 Gondi Venkatesh 35 M
37 50 Kusam Naramma 35 F
38 51 Nandula Sarojini 30 F
  52 Nandula Dhana Laxmi 8 F
  53 Nandula Pavithra 7 M F
39 54 Nandula Ramaiah 31 M
  55 Nandula Sunitha 29 F
40 56 Gantela Anjali 4 M F
41 57 Boddum Ganesh 28 M
  58 Boddum Radha 26 F
42 59 Pasupuleti Narayana 32 M
43 60 Kosam Kannamma 48 F
44 61 Kuram Nageswar Rao 40  
  62 Kuram Laxmi 30  
45 63 Punem Nagamma 50  
  64 Punem Omprakash 18  

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