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For donors: donor at

Who is Who, that's what I want to know!


 Person Phone Number

 Board of Directors


Srinivas Krovvidy  703-326-9730     bod at
Sunita Mani  214-986-7864
Nigamanth Sridhar  216-687-5341
Nirveek Bhattacharjee  410-627-7679
Srinivas Naga Chadram

Mohan Bhagat -President*


 Executive Board

eb at

Donor Relation

Archna Monga

archiemonga at


650-477-8654 srikanth at

treasuryhelp at

Sravanthi Dandamudi  630-373-4844  sdandam at
Dushyant Sethi
Partner Coordinator
Chapter and Volunteer Coordinator
Renu Pariyadath 512-666-7368
Projects Coordinator
Aparna Limaye 585-727-1720
 aparnalimaye at
Shyamala Gopalan 781-866-9350 shyamalagn at
Campaigns Coordinator
Krishna Subramanian 
   myemailiskrishna at
Publications Coordinator
Pavan Vaidyanathan   786-218-2866   pavans.aid.mail at
 IT Coordinator  
 Balaji Subramaniam  864-643-9606 balaji.warft at
 Development Coordinator  Somnath Mukherji
 732-423-6662  somnath at
  Teams in AID
Fundraising & Donor Relations Team Srinivas Naga Chadram 919-452-7933  naga.aid at
Sridhar Vemuri 310-963-3510 ssvemuri at
Srikanth Jandhyala 650-477-8654 srikanth.jandy at
 Nishikant Deshmukh   443-562-2229
 Publications Team
 Pavan Vaidyanathan
 786-218-2866  pavanapuresan at
 Srinadh Madhavapeddi
 214-518-8636  srinadhm at
 Karthik Ranganathan    rangasjc at
 Projects Team
 Aparna Limaye
aparnalimaye at
 Lakshmi Gorrepati   443-534-2791  lakshminaren12 at
 Subashini Srinivasan   subha.aid at
 Aravind Prasad
  617-642-3928  projects at
 Rashim Singh
   rashim.singh at
 Sripriya Natarajan
   spx666 at
Campaigns Team Somnath Mukherji 732-423-6662
 somnath at
Somu Kumar
 somukumar at
Krishna Subramanian
   myemailiskrishna at
Chapter & Vol Coordination Team

Rajasekhar J

j.rajasekhar at
Arun Gopalan
 garun1279 at
Sridhar Vedachalam
 zedontherocks at


* By policy AID does not have a paid CEO. The nearest equivalent is the President of the organization.  The President serves as a volunteer and is not compensated for his/her services.

Other Teams
Internships Aravinda Pillalamarri
intern at
Admin - Treasury
Central Admin Coord. Nigamanth Sridhar
with Aparna, Venktesh
216-392-2279 nigamanth at
treasuryhelp at

Association for India's Development.  5011 Tecumseh St,  College Park,  MD 20740,  U.S.A
info at

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