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Social Impact Award: Global Contribution to India

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Dear friends,

Association for India's Development (AID) has been selected for the Times of India Social Impact Awards, in the special jury category of Global Contribution to India. Congratulations to all volunteers, well-wishers, collaborators and supporters for all your passion and commitment. To so many people and groups on the ground who do so much more: thank you for your guidance and showing us the way. AID's approach has been constantly guided by the grassroots work which has made us question and try to change the dominant paradigm of development.

This is a recognition for AID's sustained involvement in a wide range of social causes, with the selection not based on application but by the suo moto choice of the jury of eminent people. We are glad that the profile of AID for the award portrays the breadth and depth of the efforts of AID and its partners in India, covering nirman, sangharsh and seva - the constructive work for sustainable development, the struggle for people's rights and systemic change, and the 'giving of ourselves' or voluntarism. This is captured particularly well in these two excerpts:

"From helping organic farmers in the Sunderbans, to teaching underprivileged kids in Tamil Nadu, from encouraging citizens to file RTIs to funding NGOs that fight corruption, from waste management in Bangalore to offering flood relief in Murshidabad, it is involved in diverse activities. AID is also at the forefront campaigning to free Binayak Sen, protesting against Dow Chemicals and calling for a debate on BT Brinjal." 

"In the close reading of unfolding contemporary struggles, whether for land, water or livelihood, or in powerful statements against atrocities, AID has emerged as a strong civil society voice, expressed in a plethora of small movements and campaigns in various parts of the country. "

We would like to consider this as a recognition for the kind of work described above; hundreds of organizations and movements are doing it and the selection of AID is simply as a representation of this work. We hope that this recognition gives more strength to our efforts, more energy to our supporters, and most importantly helps in amplifying the voice of the people struggling for their livelihood and rights. We are also aware that any recognition also places additional responsibility to live up to higher expectations, and we seek your increased involvement to make that possible!


In Solidarity,
AID Volunteers
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