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Awareness and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA by RTI Manch
Volunteer explaining RTI to a senior citizen
 AID Partner: Manthan
Manthan is a non-governmental organization working towards addressing the socio-economic and environmental challenges of the communities in the rural areas of central Rajasthan in India. Manthan’s efforts are geared towards improving the lives of all villagers irrespective of their caste, religion or political affiliations.


Project: RTI Manch

RTI Manch is a group of four full time fellows Kamal, Lakshman, Mohan and Mukesh, who are committed to activities focused on RTI & NREGA. Read more...>>


It was established in 2006. Their activities include RTI/NREGA awareness campaign; review the status of implementation of RTI act and suggesting improvements, conducting social audits and public hearings and, collaboration with other NGOs and public organizations on relevant public movements.


They have around 100 student volunteers from University of Rajasthan. These students have been helping RTI Manch projects as an when required by RTI Manch project. They focus on villages near Jaipur and help the residents to know about the importance of RTI, the Right to information act ( Further, they enlighten them about NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) and ensure that the workers are paid as per government norms. Normally they work with other prominent NGOs like MKSS, Pradhan,Rozgaar Evam Suchana ka Adhikar Abhiyan etc.




The RTI Manch is a key member of Suchan Evam Rozggar Adhikar Abhiyan (SR Abhiyan). The Abhiyan is a network of NGOs in Rajasthan. The Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) is also key member of the SR Abhiyan. The SR Abhiyan is working on the issues of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), Social Audit Minimum Wages, Rural Development and more.

Initially the RTI Manch did not have much presence in the field but since it was linked with MKSS, the acceptance and reach was easy among people.  The Right to information Act was passed in 2005 and RTI Manch volunteers started putting up kiosks around Jaipur City to make people aware about RTI. They also started giving RTI training to youth and other interested groups. They are also consistently involved in other issues like NREGA, Social Audit and Election watch.


Social Audit is a good way to bring out the problems of common people. In this process, people themselves audit the work of government machinery and check on them. RTI Manch has done a social audit on State information commission and that social audit has improved the working of State Information Commission of Rajasthan.      


From time to time, the RTI Manch has been giving positive support to other movements on the issues of Woman Rights, Child Rights, Health Rights, and Human Rights. For sustaining RTI Manch, fellows Kamal, Laxman, Mohan and Mukesh have decided that they will work on lower wages and follow the Gandhian life style.  


Success Story


On 19th Dec 2009, Mr. Kamal from RTI Manch put an application for copies of Jaipur Municipal Corporation manual under Section 4 of RTI 2005 act. After a year, Jaipur Municipal Corporation finally made Section 4 B manual under RTI Act. This 100 page manual contain powers and duties of officers of Jaipur Municipal Corporation along with the timelines of completion of various applications and complaints.


rti_img02.jpg Chapter involvement


This project has been supported by various chapters of AID for the past 4 years. For this year, this project is considered by 4 AID chapters – AID Columbus, AID Houston, AID Morgan Town & AID Boston. >From AID Columbus, the project coordinator (Name: Kingsly, is in constant touch with the 4 activists.  We have frequent telephone conversations as and when required. In addition, we are also interacting with other AID chapters, to ensure that we are on same page with respect to this project. The previous site visit was conducted in April 2008 and we are looking for someone to do a site visit this year. Please let us know if you can.

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