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May 23/24, Austin 

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AID along with Non-Resident Indian groups express solidarity for a strong Lokpal

Aug 23 2011:  Association for India’s Development (AID), in collaboration with Non-Resident Indians Against Corruption, organized a series of vigils and protests to support the campaign for a strong and effective Lokpal. Vigils and protests were held in 8 cities across the US and in London, UK. About 1000 NRIs representing a broad spectrum of the Indian diaspora, from students to professionals, participated in the demonstrations in Seattle, Baltimore, Austin, Los Angeles, Durham, Charlotte, Washington DC, and Philadelphia and in London.


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AID sees the issues of elimination of corruption, food security and communal harmony to be central to the realization of the rights of the most marginalized communities to live a life of dignity. Corruption hits the poorest sections of our society the most. Corruption at various levels leads to illegal acquisition of agricultural and forest lands hurting farmers and adivasis; diversion of NREGA, PDS and Anganwadi funds causing wide-spread hunger and malnutrition and large scale looting of natural resources that benefit large corporations while leaving a trail of human rights violations and displacement of livelihoods of the common Indian. This has caused the cycle of poverty to continue. AID has been involved in anti-corruption efforts since 2005 and has supported activists and programs that make Right to Information (RTI) accessible to all citizens of India thereby challenging corruption.


We urge the government to immediately draw up a participatory, time-bound pre-legislative process through which the demands of various civil society groups like the movement led by Anna Hazare and National Campaign for Peoples Right to Information (NCPRI) can find representation.


The government should not put restrictions on peoples’ fundamental right to assemble and protest peacefully. Such stifling of dissent undermines the basic democratic setup of the nation.

We are also concerned about the health of Anna Hazare as well as remember the sacrifice by various activists and citizens whose lives have been taken when they demanded effective implementation of the Right to Information Act. We hope their efforts will not go in vain in ensuring India's freedom from corruption.


Videos: Austin  Los Angeles  Philadelphia  Charlotte  Baltimore


Pictures: Austin  Charlotte Philadelphia & Los Angeles (attached)

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