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Our Work in India

Association For India's Development - Projects Database
Chapters supporting Projects

AID chapters in the USA receive proposals from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in India and after careful evaluation and visit to the site location, they extend financial support. Longterm projects extend over a period of several years and involve NGOs and movements that are very effective. Some projects are conceived by AID volunteers who have returned to India and AID-India volunteers, who spend considerable time in the villages developing exemplary programs. Some project support goes to new groups that bring hope to neglected regions.

These projects span different states of India, are on varied issues and some are large scale and some focussed in few villages.

AID volunteers in the USA not only keep up to date with these projects, giving knowledge inputs and sharing successful models, but also raise much needed support through tax-deductible donations from people in the USA and through fundraisers they organize.

AID follows a transparent process for making decisions on project support. Project proposals and progress reports are discussed in the chapter's Community Service Hours (CSH) which are open to the general public. Decisions are made at the CSHs.

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Cincinnati chapter projects 9257
College Park, MD Chapter Projects 7478
San Diego Chapter Projects 6268
Duke chapter projects 5564
Portland Chapter Projects 5306
Boise Chapter Projects 4865
Bay Area Chapter Projects 4584
Boston chapter projects 4374
Chicago chapter projects 3899
Phildelphia chapter projects 3896
Dallas Chapter Projects 3851
Buffalo Chapter Projects 3595
Austin chapter projects 3453
Clemson Chapter Projects 3446
Ann Arbor chapter projects 3421
Atlanta chapter projects 3413
College station chapter projects 3358
Houston chapter projects 3168
JHU chapter projects 3108
Penn state chapter projects 3031
Berkeley chapter projects 2951
Columbus chapter projects 2942
Baton Rouge chapter projects 2928
Blacksburg chapter projects 2915
Baltimore chapter projects 2891
Kansas city chapter projects 2874
Bloomington chapter projects 2871
Pittsburg chapter projects 2257
Princeton chapter projects 2229
Morgantown chapter projects 2177
Los Angeles chapter projects 2152
Lewisburg chapter projects 1564
New York City Chapter Projects 1320
Seattle chapter projects 1191
AID EB 1018
Amherst chapter projects 1011
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