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The village student of Nandurbar District, Maharshtra, India, who is pedalling to generate electricity for lighting his school is a volunteer. The people who helped design and manufacture AID's Bijli bike (pedal power generator) are AID-India volunteers and their friends. Those that got excited by the project idea and raised funds to support it so that the village student is empowered to generate his own electricity are AID volunteers in USA. The person who took the photo and the person who uploaded it on the website are AID volunteers. And finally the jeevanshala (school of life) in a tribal village without electricity that inspired AID's alternate energy initiatives is managed by volunteers of Narmada movement.

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AID volunteers protest in front of Indian Embassy in Washington DC against the government's move to amend the Right to Information Act. The UPA government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  was forced to drop the amendment,
since civil society groups spoke up. Thus people's right to access government files and file-notings that was attained in 2005-06 was safeguarded in 2006-07.

To volunteer for AID in the US, please send an email to aidsite(at) gmail.com with the following information:
1.  Your Name:

2. Where are you located?

Name of city you live in:

3.  What are your interests and expectations as a volunteer?

4.  What motivates you?

5.  Do you think working together with other volunteers can help you contribute better?

6.  Any other comments

Thank you for writing to us  We will get back to you soon.
Answers to first two questions are required.
India Bound?

India bound ?

If you are planning to visit India then maybe you can volunteer to visit one of our projects in India and get to know more about the ways people are working for a sustainable and just India.  While you are there, please do take notes and provide us with first hand feedback.   Contact AID Project Coordinator to plan a visit.  You may need 3-5 days including travel time, since most projects are far from major cities.    You can take a look at the projects requiring a visit by click here.
Please contact the coordinator of the project and get an approval from him/her before planning a vist. He/She will also be able to guide you through the process of visiting a project.
If you are interested in staying and working for 3-6 months (or longer) with an organization in India, AID may be able to help you find a placement.  Local language preferred. 
First time visitors

Dear First time Visitors:   AID volunteers welcome you!

You must be familiar with the inequalities in the world, and the dire poverty in which much of the world still lives. AID is an effort to understand the causes and provide an alternate paradigm of development.

Fieldnotes from Intern Roopal Patel

What do interns do?  Roopal Patel spent 6 months in rural and tribal villages of India, hand in hand with people struggling for sustainable and just development.  She visited villages, documented programs, summarised legal data, presented research, and shared in the festivities as well as struggles of the people in the Narmada Valley.  She writes, "I do a lot of filing and typing and reviewing legal documents as well. But even the most mundane tasks feel infused with meaning here because they are a part of something so much larger. And not everything has been inspiring and rejuvenating. I fell sick several times ... But I was in good hands, as my extended family here in the office made sure I was well cared for. And of course, as soon as I was feeling better, I was expected to get back to work, which what my family in the States would expect of me as well."  Read snippets from her despatches over her 6 months (unpaid) volunteer internship.

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