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AID Donor FAQs


Q How can I donate to AID?

By credit card using the secure donation page or by making a check payable to AID or to Association for India's Development and mailing to the above address.

Q. Do I get a receipt for a donation I make to AID?
We issue receipts for donations made to AID in the US. We send email receipts to all donors who's email we have on record. We send paper receipts to donors who make a contribution of $75 or more. Currently, we send out paper receipts only once a year in January which lists donations made by a donor in the prior year. Both email receipts and paper receipts can be used to claim tax deductions.

Q. Within how many days of making a donation can I expect a receipt?
For Credit Card transactions, email receipts will be issued within 5 days from the time the transaction was placed online.

For Checks, email receipts will be issued (if we have your email in our database) as soon as the transaction gets processed by the bank and we receive notification of the same. This could take any where from a few weeks to up to 2 months.

Q. Under what circumstance can I get a paper receipt?
Consolidated paper receipts, which can be used to claim tax-deductions, for both credit card and check donations, are mailed out to our donors by the end of January each year for donations totaling $75 or more made in the previous year.

If a paper receipt is required before January, please make a request to our donor services team.

Please be sure to provide all the following details in the email, so that we can expedite processing/issuing your receipt.
For checks, include: check number, amount/s, full name, address, phone, email, date check was sent and address check was sent to.
For credit cards, include: amount/s, full name, address, phone, email, date transaction was made.

Q. Do you have any channel by which I will regularly be informed about AID's activities?
When you make a donation to AID, you will be added to our Dishaa and TMIA mailing lists automatically.
Dishaa is a quarterly print edition of our newsletter highlighting our projects and activities in India and the US.

TMIA (This Month In AID) is an electronic monthly newsletter which will be emailed to you if you provide us with an email address.

To unsubscribe from any of these mailing lists (print and/or email), please visit our Publications website

Q. If I have an urgent request or a problem related to my donation, is there a number where I can reach a member of the donor services team?
Yes, please call Rajshekar at 301-825-5114 after 6PM EST.  All services at AID are handled by volunteers and so please call in the evening/night.

Q. What kind of contributions can I make to AID?
As a donor, you have an option to contribute your time and expertise by participating with your local AID chapter, or you can support us financially. If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can donate to your local chapter, make a donation to a specific fund or program within AID :

    1. You can target your contribution to your local AID chapter.
    2. You can contribute to the Common pool fund - which is a fund used by all chapters towards projects and miscellaneous administrative expenses.
    3. You can donate to a specific program within AID. These include:

      1. General Unrestricted Fund

        Supports all of AID's work.

      2. All India Relief Fund

        Provides for relief, rehabilitation and mitigation of impact, during and after natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, drought, riots, industrial accidents, and gross negligence that results in large-scale displacement without rehabilitation and suffering of people.

      3. Anti Corruption Fund

        Helps fight corruption. For example, this fund facilitates proper implementation of India's Right to Information Act, that increases transparency in governance and exposes corruption in government-run Rural Employment Guarantee programs.

      4. Peace and Communal Harmony Fund

        For last several years volunteers of AID have been working at their individual chapter level towards the promotion of peace and communal harmony among communities in India and in the diaspora. The objective of this fund is to support organizing awareness events and activities not only at chapter level but also across chapters by collaborating with partners in USA and India. The funds may also be used for supporting projects in India that promote peace and communal harmony.

      5. Jeevansathi Fund

        Jeevansathis are highly motivated individuals who volunteered for AID in the U.S., and were inspired to give up their professional careers so that they can focus their full energies guiding the work of AID and partner organizations. They spend considerable time in villages initiating projects and collaborations, and strengthening human rights campaigns. Jeevansathi Fund supports such exceptional individuals.

      6. AID Corpus Fund

        The interest of the fund will be used to support core activities of AID while the principal accrues. This fund that builds slowly, provides longterm stability to the organization.

Q. Can I make a directed donation to an AID project?
We only accept directed donations to approved AID projects that are yet to be funded. And, we only accept funds upto the approved amount for the project. We believe this gives the donor an opportunity to engage with a project without compromising on our rigorous review process where we determine how much to fund a project based on merit, milestones etc. Please contact your local AID chapter to find out about approved projects that are yet to be funded.

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