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Community Ownership of Natural Resources

Partners: Samaj Parivartana Samudaya

Duration: 2012 onwards


Linking Organic Farmers and Consumers, Karnataka

Partner: Sahaja Samruddha

Duration: 2008 to 2010, Contact: Tulika Narayan (tulikan[at]gmail[dot]com)

Organic seller

Promotion of tree-based organic farming, Karnataka

Partner: Biodiversity Conservation Research Trust

Duration: 2009-2010, Contact: Swati Jain (jainswati29[at]gmail[dot]com)

tree based

Mavallipura land fill clean-up

EnvironmentChapter: Austin

Amount: Rs. 360,000

This project includes support to campaign for environmental and social justice rights of communities affected by the illegal dumping of municipal solid waste in Mavallipura, a rural area 20 KMs north of Bangalore, by Ramky Environmental and Engineering Ltd. This land fill holds more than 10 lakh tonnes of unsegregated, untreated and highly toxic waste dumped on a daily basis polluting the soil, air and water of Mavallipura dwellers. The people and cattle are also faced with several health problems.

Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) Project, Karnataka
Partner: Green Foundation and AID-Bengaluru

 Duration: 2007 to present        Contact: Amitabh Bhattacharya (


Training By Farmers

TrainingSupporting Chapters: Boston, Princeton, Troy

Amount: Rs. 531200

After Cyclone Aila in May 2009, Saathi Revathi started training 25 farmers in the heavily affected Sunderbans region to revive agriculture using inexpensive organic methods. This effort helped some of the farmers become trainers themselves and has now helped 800 farmers practice organic farming on 60 acres in 13 villages under 3 blocks.

Support for Kuteera

kuteeraSupporting Chapter: New York City

Amount: Rs.239400

The Kuteera shelter in Kolar (dist) Karnataka, provides a safe space for women from violence and suicidal or homicidal dangers. Supports for about 30 – 35 women at a time so that they could heal and be in a safe space while their domestic problems are being sorted out through negotiations/legal interventions.


Zero Waste Management in Karnataka

Supporting Chapter: Seattle

Amount: Rs. 179740

 More than 90% of the waste generated by 220 families in Tungabatra block in Bangalore was successfully recycled.

Vimochana holds Court on Dowry and Violence against Women

Daughters of Fire : The Indian Court of Women on Dowry and Related Forms of Violence Against Women is organised by Vimochana and Asian Women’s Human Rights Council in partnership with JAGORI, other women’s groups and civil societie.

AID has signed on as a Friend of the Court and expresses solidarity with the women who have spoken out against Dowry and Related forms of Violence against Women.  AID supports Vimochana's work in extending Services to Women in Prostitution.

Services for Women in Prostitution
Services for Women in Prostitution

Coordinators work with sex workers' self-help groups offering crisis intervention, filing cases, and educational opportunities for their children. 

Boston, Rs. 1,50,000 (2009)
Saathiship Bhargavi


 NGO: Environment Support Group
 Location: Karnataka
 Chapter: Austin

Local communities affected by a project have very little information about the process of land acquisition, their rights, the entire process of Environmental decision-making and therefore feel helpless to defend themselves against a proposed project in their locality.

Bhargavi's work will educate, guide and empower people to access legal provisions using which they can protect their land, livelihood and environment from forceful intrusion by industrial and infrastructure projects.