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As the year ends.....

Dear friends,

It is that time of the year where we take stock of our accomplishments, what we did or could not yet do and whether we can make the remaining days count. 

If we think of the changes that have been happening in India some of which that give us hope on what civil society and ordinary people can do when they rise to the challenge of building a just society and take on the fight against corruption and injustice, and others that send us hurtling back in despair as we see that the most resolute social workers and activists are still being made to bear the cross, what is certain is that we cannot be stationary on a moving train.  

And therefore it is that as the year ends we can still do that one thing for India that only we can.  Make a contribution and touch the lives of the people in villages and strengthen the efforts of those who are working to make a difference.

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Wish you a happy New Year! 

Little Girl -- An Independence Day Poem

We wish you all a happy Independence Day.  Today we would like to share with you a poem "Little Girl" -- about a little girl's independence.


On the way to the red fort
I met a little girl aged six
wearing her best dress
only slightly ripped
in her hand was a half-eaten sweet
she found with joy on the dusty street

"Little girl, Little girl," said I
running behind her dusty pace
"where is your mother,
where is your father?"

"Ma and dad I have none,"
they found me crying
on the prayer ground
only a baby then!
But Ma left me a note"

She put her hand in her best dress
clenched in her tender fist
was her mother's crumpled note.
"Little girl, little girl, " said I
"where are you going this august day?"

"Don't you know, today India is free
there is so much color
so much to see
Children from schools 
sing songs, it's so festive,
Look, I can see the PM
Can the PM see me?"

 Skipping and jumping
the little girl went on and on,
"thank god its windy"

I looked at her bare feet
on the hard rocky stones
"yes it cools the day"
I agreed with a sympathetic nod.
"No, no silly," she said
"look at our country's flag
It flies and flutters
That's how it should be
for today India is free."

I looked at her with interest
"show me your mother's note
maybe it has her name."

"No, no this note is not for you
Ma wrote it for me
it's only for me
but you can have my sweet"

And as we shared
our freedom sweet,
she said, "today India is free
sooner or later
someone will help me
learn to read."

I saw the flag flutter
in the gentle breeze.

- Ravi Kuchimanchi

To share your freedom sweet, like the Little Girl did, please consider making a donation to AID that helps various causes in India and goes a long way.   DONATE ONLINE  

Little Girl was written in the early 1990's for the independence day issue of Dishaa, the newsletter of AID.    


Kalpavirkshchapter: Maryland

Amount : Rs 313500

 Campaign to protect and Raise awareness on Bio Diversity and Environment supports the work of a coordinator to raise awareness on the appropriate implementation of the Bio Diversity Act 2002 and the various environmental irregularities of major projects being implemented across India by publishing regular articles in major dailies as well as working at the policy level on environmental issues.

Study on Eco-farming, AP, TN, Karnataka, Maharashtra, MP & Orissa

Partner: Insaaf

 Duration: 2011 to present, Contact: Sripriya Natarajan (spx666.aid[at]gmail[dot]com)

Kisan Swaraj Yatra

KisanChapters: Seattle, College Park

Amount Supported: Rs 110,000

The Kisan Swaraj Yatra is a nation-wide mobilization drawing fresh attention to the continuing agricultural crisis in India, and calling for a comprehensive new path for Indian agriculture that will provide livelihood and food security for small farmers, keep our soils alive, and our food and water poison-free. The support requested is for the Andhra Pradesh leg of the Yatra.