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Community Environmental Monitoring

Cuddalore with SIPCOT in backgroundBucket TechniqueDemo against pollution 






  Location: Cuddalore, Tamilnadu

Amount supported: Rs 1490000

Supporting Chapters: Portland, Boston, Bay Area, Columbus,

Volunteer Contact: Bala rbalachan[at]gmail[dot]com, Diwakar draman[at]mit[dot]edu

Communities around SIPCOT Industrial Estate are minutes away from a disaster like “Bhopal Gas Tragedy” happening. SIPCOT, a 200-hectare industrial estate in Cuddalore. Tamilnadu, houses 18 companies that manufactures pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, dyes and textiles.  Ever since SIPCOT estate was set up, life for the people of Cuddalore, has been one of dealing with hazardous effluents, which have been damaging the environment and the health of more than 20,000 people in about 20 villages. (ASHA KRISHNAKUMAR, in Cuddalore, Frontline,The Hindu 04 June, 2005). The people complain of constant irritation in the eyes, nausea, acute dermatitis, muscle fatigue, and pink and frothy sputum, and have been diagnosed with changed reproductive health effects, narcosis and cyanosis. There has also been a substantial contamination of the water table, the air and the soil, leading to lowered farm production and dwindling fish catch.

Community Environmental Monitoring



 In the race towards a rising GDP, NATURE and ENVIRONMENT has become a CASUALTY.


  • Serving as a watchdog to hold industries ACCOUNTABLE
  • Extensive OUTREACH to other pollution impacted communities
  • Providing LEGAL, TECHNICAL, and MEDIA support
  • AID has supported 6 environment projects worth $34K


Quality Improvement in Secondary Society

Partners: SODEWS (Society for the Development of Economically Weaker Section)

Duration: 2012 onwards


Saathi Revathi, Tamil Nadu

Partner: AID India

Duration: 2004 to present, Contact: S Govindarajan (govind_aid[at]yahoo[dot]com)


Saathi Selvam, Tamil Nadu
Partner: Grama Munnetra Sangam

Duration: 2009 to present    Contact: Karthik Suryanarayanan (karthiksuri[at]gmail[dot]com)

 Saathi Selvam

Training and Empowering people

NERGAChapter: Los Angeles   

Amount: Rs. 3,55,900

This project supports the coordinators who work with and train village level volunteers on effective implementation of NREGA Baghmundi block. SCs and STs form about 2.5% of the total population in this region.

Groundnut Federation, Tamil Nadu

Partners: Covenant Center for Development (CCD)

Duration: 2010 to Present, Contact: Shyam Sivakumar

groundnut federation

Vellore Hill Restoration

HillSupporting Chapters: Penn State, Tempe, Austin, Boston

Amount: Rs. 467000

The aim of the project is to increase the water table, bring down the average temperature in Vellore, Tamil Nadu recover the green on the hills, and provide sustainable eco-friendly solutions for waste management.



Kalrayan Hills

Location: Tamilnadu, Indiakalyran
The NGO: Tribal Health Initiative (THI)

Supporting AID Chapters & Amount funded:

DC Metro: Rs.1,00,000
Boulder: Rs. 1,20, 300
Boston: Rs.64,406
Seattle: Rs.84,646

Tribal Health Initiative(THI) was set up in the Sittilingi Valley in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, in 1993 by Dr. Regi and Dr. Lalitha. Sittilingi valley and the surrounding hills have approximately 50,000 inhabitants, most of whom are tribals.THI started out as a small clinic and is now a hospital with about 50 staff members.  Prior to THI, the nearest hospital with surgical facilities was 100 km away.
33-bed hospital with 4 full-time doctors and a 24x7 labour room with Neo-natal ICU.
Nurses are from the local community and were trained by the doctors at THI.

Ambulance service for 21 villages in and around Sittilingi.
Training is given to local part-time ‘Health Auxiliaries’, who are responsible for diagnosing and treating minor illnesses, offering   advice on good   hygiene, birthing, and nutrition, in their village community. They are facilitators for community development work.

THI also supports craft, and organic farming initiatives involving the locals.


Making Quality Education a Realty for All Children 

Dr. Ravishankar Arunachalam will share a community-based intervention plan to improve quality in education on a large scale. Dr Arunachalam received a B Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Ph D from Carnegie Mellon University. He volunteered for AID-Austin and Pittsburgh Chapters before returning to Tamilnadu, India to help improve education of rural and slum cildren. Eureka Child Initiative’s past programs have already impacted ~1 million children in India. 

Ravishankar's US Tour  | Donate to AID's Eureka Child Education Fund

Environmental Concerns in Cuddlaore

 TNPCB protestOn Dec. 30, 2008 AID volunteers conducted a site visit of the SIPCOT region in Cuddalore. SIPCOT Area Community Environment Monitors (SACEM) released a report titled" Ground Truths-II: State of Hazardous Waste and Chemicals in SIPCOT Chemical Estate, Cuddalore" in a press-conference that day. The SIPCOT area has been notorious for its drastically sub par environmental conditions.

In 2005, SACEM reported to the Supreme Court about the many violations of hazardous waste regulations and Air and Water Acts by the SIPCOT Industries. In spite of repeated reports of violations to SACEM and other environmental monitoring organizations like the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB), no significant action had been taken to reprimand the violators or alleviate the problems. The TNPCB was to blame as only 15 of the reported 150 community complaints in one year have been addressed. The District Environment Engineer (DEE) was very lenient on the industries; 8 units did not possess a valid Consent to Establish; 22 were operating without a licenses, at least 17 were not authorized under the Hazardous Waste Rules, and 5 did not have Coastal Regulation Zone clearance.  

Tsunami Middle School

NGO: AID Chennai
Location: Ramanwadi, Tamil Nadu
Chapter: Dallas 

The project will improve the quality of education provided by the middle schools in the region.

Arogya Iyakkam

Arogya Iyakkam reported as one of the ten best programmes in the World.

2002:  Arogya Iyakkam, a health program in 500 villages in 10 blocks done by Tamil Nadu Science Forum, expanded, with AID support to more than 30 blocks in Tamilnadu and 13 blocks in Bihar.
Eureka!! Making education a reality for ALL children!

Eureka Child

Supporting Chapter: Bay Area

 Amount: Rs. 250000, $45,000 in 2013-2014

AID’s Eureka Child project has taken off to a flying start! It is being implemented in more than 30000 kids covering 626 villages in 10 districts across Tamil Nadu. The program reaches out to 1 million children and is working towards improving their reading, math and pre-primary skills at a rapid pace. The cost efficiency of $1 per child makes the scale possible. An innovative village education center that provides quality Science, Math and Language inputs to children from the low-income families and ensures every child reaches his/her full potential.

Objectives - CEM
CEM report 2008
Latest work report of Community Environment Monitoring group supported by AID-Bay Area and College Park Chapters.