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AID's work in Andhra Pradesh

Three Day NREGS Training by ASDS in AP

Understanding the 3 types of calendar years through interactive gameDiscussing the rules of MGNREGS

Learning to measuring work done practically ASDS, a partner of AID in Andhra trains adivasi youth in their right to work under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme (MGNRES). In July, ASDS conducted a training on the objectives of MGNREGS, the rights of the workers under the scheme including the grievance redressal mechanism.

Through an interactive game, the youth became aware of 3 types of calendars - English calendar (from Jan to Dec), the Telugu agricultural calendar and the Financial calendar (Apr to Mar) - all of which are needed to understand the scheme fully.
A technical assistant from Buchayapeta mandal trained the workers in marking and measuring the work properly.

ASDS works in 150 villages across 4 mandals of Andhra Pradesh training adivasi communities on their right to work, their right to forest land under Forest Rights Acts, 2006 and their Right to Education along with Right to Information. AID has been working with ASDS since 2008.

Read the full report here…>>>

Girls on Wheels
girls on cycle pause buradapetaThe concept is simple:  help girls ride bicycles.  But there are no classes for learning to ride a bicycle.  If boys in the villages were learning to ride bicycles, then why not girls?   Were they not interested?  Was no one willing to teach them?
Millets Initiative, AP

Partners: Human & Natural Resources Development Society

Duration: 2011 to present, Contact: Sripriya Natarajan (spx666.aid[at]gmail[dot]com)


I am No Lab Rat - Farmers and Consumers Reject Bt.Brinjal 2010



Tolakari: A Farmerís Magazine, AP

Partner: Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA)

Duration: 2011 to present    Contact: Lakshmi Gorrepati (lakshminaren12[at]gmail[dot]com)


Reclamation of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture in Kurnool, AP

Partner: Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), AID Hyderabad

Duration: 2009 to present   Contact:Lakshmi Gorrepati (lakshminaren12[at]gmail[dot]com)


Organic Farming


Organic farming


Empowerment of laborers

Supporting Chapters: Amherst  (Rs.1,25,000), Boston (Rs.4,00,000) and Maryland (Rs. 4,00,000)

Rural Development Service Society has been working for past several years in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts towards effective implementation of MGNREGA in  ~11 mandals in the above two districts.

This project primarily focuses on creating awareness on various aspects of the law, ensuring that works are assigned and properly carried out as per village gram sabha decisions, expose irregularities in wage payment. Regular trainings are conducted for labourers and workers from other NGOs  on applying for job cards and getting receipts for the same, measuring work done at the NREGA site, examining muster rolls, wage payments, conditions of the work place etc.

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Appeal for Clothing Donations for IDP Children
More than 10,000 people, including 4000 children, are living in 250 makeshift settlements, spread across the remotest corners of Khammam.

This winter is one of the most severe winters we have seen in India in recent times.  It is impossible to imagine how these severely malnourished children are going to survive in this cold, without proper clothes.  When they had migrated for the first time, the children had to apply ash all over their bodies to prevent cold and mosquitoes, such is the level of impoverishment.

We therefore appeal to you and your friends in Hyderabad, to donate children's clothes, we will distribute at the IDP settlements.

To donate, please contact Suresh Kumar, (04027823268, 8801880573) |,
NREGA wages: High Court raps Central and State governments

 In the struggle for wages, workers have taken another step forward.  With support of Ajay Kumar of Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vrutthidarula Union (APVVU) workers filed complaints against sub-minimum wages paid in NREG works.  The Court has given the government 2 weeks to pay wages in full.  Story in today's Hindu

Background: NREGS Awareness & Mobilization 2008-09

Court Stays Demolition of IDP Huts
Relief, Rehabilitation and Civil Rights for Koya Tribal People
Koya mother and child

Since 2008, AID has supported relief, rehabilitation and civil rights advocacy for the tribal families who have been displaced from their homes and lands in Chhattisgarh and have sought refuge in the forests of Bhadrachalam in neighbouring districts of Khammam and Warangal in Andhra Pradesh. Working with Agricultural and Social Development Society and Internally Displaced Persons Solidarity Group, the people have made significant progress in obtaining basic rights, as detailed in the reports below. Yet enormous work remains to assure daily survival as well as midterm and longterm rehabilitation for all of the displaced families.

Please donate for  Relief and Rehabilitation of Gothikoya tribals  

Let's move!

 Greetings on Ambedkar Jayanti. The video we feature on this occassion is a call to join movements helping farmers, tribals, dalits , weavers and fishworkers. Sung by Ajay Kumar of Andhra Pradesh Vyvasaya Vrithidarulu Union (APVVU) at Revathi's Organic farming workshop organized by AID-Srikakulam.  

Koya IDP Relief Report March 2010

Bamboo Cooker, Novel Livelihoods
 Many people have the feeling that things that are seen in villages like bamboo, hay and jute have limited use. Working in new ways, to make cookers inspired by traditional ideas, women of Srikakulam have laid the foundation to prove this wrong. The experiment they have launched has succeeded.
Koya IDP Relief Report September 2009

Koya IDP Relief - Progress Report June 09
Eight nutrition and education support centers, started in January have been continuing for the children, pregnant women and lactating women in five mandals of Khammam district where malnourishment was high among the children and where children were prone to death. 234 children, 12 pregnant women and 21 lactating women (total of 267) have been identified and supported with food and 143 children with education.
NREGS Awareness & Mobilization 2008-09 report

ICDS reaches Internally Displaced Tribals
From The Hindu


On April 14th 2009, the Andhra Pradesh Women Development and Child Welfare Department extended the Integrated Child Development Services to the Internally Displaced tribals in the Bhadrachalam and Palvoncha division in order to combat the rising malnutrition and occurence of poor health in the regions.  In Khammam and Warangal districts, AID supports Agricultural and Social Development Society (ASDS) which has worked on surveying the families, providing humanitarian relief, and helping people apply for ICDS services.  We congratulate them on this positive step and support their struggle to secure services for all.