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Empowerment of waste-pickers in Delhi

Partner: Chintan

Duration: 2012 onwards

Waste pickers

Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch

DelhiChapters: Seattle, Troy/Albany

Amount Supported: Rs 7,61,240

People from many slums of Delhi have been forcibly evicted and relocated to undeveloped areas on the outskirts which lack even the most basic facilities such as running water and electricity. The people of Bhalaswa have formed this platform to represent their causes with the govt. The group works raises awareness amongst the community regarding what their rights are, and gets people together to work towards fulfillment of those demands.

Goat farming

Goat farmingSupporting Chapters: Atlanta, Morgan Town

Amount: Rs.2, 43,000

This project is done by generating income through a goat farm. The farm will also provide additional income for villagers who will be trained and given goats. They will earn income from the sale of the goats, milk, or meat. Additionally, the project seeks to maintain support for an ongoing malaria control program in the district-specifically 72 villages in the Ayodha hills.

Voices from Bhalaswa

Pushpa tells about Bhalaswa Lok Shakti ManchBhalaswa is one of the resettlement colonies for the people displaced from slums in Delhi. Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch has emerged to fight displacement and to demand justice for those displaced.  Balaji Narasimham and Tejaswini Madabhushi spoke with Pushpa, an organizer with this group, and with Nazima, Omvati, Sheetal, Roshan, Shakuntala and Bhittu.

How Commonwealth Games have impacted Bhalaswa:  View Video | Part 2

Local Self-governance

NGO : Kabir
Location: Delhi
Budget: Rs 300000
Nov 2008 report of model being tried by residents of Ghaziabad, UP

Kabir our NGO partner in India has worked over the years to increase awareness and use of the Right to Information (RTI) Act by individuals and organizations. The primary goal of Kabir is to encourage a culture of transparency and accountability in government that allows for meaningful participation of citizens.

Joint Urban Greens

Tree cutting banLocation: Delhi
Area of Focus: Environment
NGO: Kalpavriksh
Chapter: San Diego
Budget: $6500

The project aims to create awareness related to urban greening issues, persuade the government agencies to effectively implement the existing tree preservation acts, and engage urban communities to look out for trees.