Narmada Commemorative Calendar Released in Austin
Conference Keynote Speakers Bharat Patel and Ajay Kumar release Narmada Commemorative Calendar in Austin.Narmada: 30 Years of Resilience

Volunteers gathered at the 17th annual conference of the Association for India's Development took a moment to salute the resistance and resilience of the people in the Narmada Valley over three decades of struggle.   The Intercultural Resource center has published a calendar spanning April 2015-March 2016 titled Narmada: 30 Years of Resilience.  Conference keynote speakers Bharat Patel and Ajay Kumar released the calendars and spoke about the groundbreaking work of the Andolan in defending people's rights against forced displacement and destructive development policies.

The Narmada calendar will be available at selected AID chapters and at the Green Festival in the Washington DC Convention Center, June 5-7.

Land Rights: Grassroots Experiences from Ajay Kumar. Trailer and Tour Schedule
Ajay Kumar marching with adivasis for forest rights

Ajay Kumar, keynote speaker at the 2015 Conference of the Association for India’s Development, will be speaking in several cities in the US to talk about his experiences working with grassroots movements for land and livelihood, and their role in the cause of social justice. He has written a number of songs related to people's issues and will also share some of these, as well as the stories behind them.


Song of the fishworker

Song of the fishworker …. written by PS Ajay Kumar

హైలేస్స లేలో హైలేస్స - హైలేస్స లేలో హైలేస్స

జాలమేలరా జాలరోడ - కూడి రారా పడవ హైలేస్స "జాలమేలరా"

1.మర బోటు  లే నిన్ను మంట గలిపెనురా -

నీ బ్రతుకులో మట్టి జల్లి పొయెనురా

సంద్రాలతోనే  పోరాడగలవురా

నీ గుండె ముందు మరబోటు ఎంతరా  "జాలమేలరా"

2. కూటి కోసం నీవు వేట జేసేవురా

వేటలో నీ ప్రాణమేరగ ఏసేవురా

తెర చాప కిందే కన్నెర జేయరా

నీ కంటి ఎరుపే మాకు తొలి పోద్దురా  "జాలమేలరా …. "

3. నీ చెక్క పడవలె నీదు సైన్యలురా

నీ ఉక్కు కండలె నీ ఆయుధలురా

సంద్రాల పైనే పోరు జెoత్త రా -

సంగబలేమే నీకు అండగా వుందిరా "జాలమేలరా … "

4. అడవిలో గిరిజనుడు అలిగి లేచాడురా

కడలిలో జాలరి కదలి రావేమిరా

అడవి కడలిగ మారి - కడలి అడవితో జేరి

దోపిడీ రాజ్యాన్ని  మార్చి వేయాలిరా "జాలమేలరా"

  1. mechanized boats are taking  away your fish and your life is in miserable because of no fish to catch Every day you fight with the sea for your survival.  Why should you be afraid to fight with the mechanized boats Come forward.

  1. For your livelihood you need to fish and in the fishing, you  and are putting your life as “bait”  Raise your eyes  under the sail The redness of your eyes is the sunrise for us all

  2. Your wooden boat is your army  and your muscle power is your weapon. Raise the flag on the sea and we are all with you.

  3. In the forest the tribal people are coming forward against injustice. If you fisher people come and join with the tribals, we can together change the unjust society.

hailessa lelo hailessa!

hailessa lelo hailessa

jaalamelaraa jAlarODa

kUDi rArA paDava hailessa!

1. mara-bOTule ninnu manTa galepenura

nee brathukulo matti jalli poyenu ra

samdraala thone poraaDa galavura

nee gunDe mundu mara botu yentara

2. kuTi kosam neevu veTa jesevura

veTalo nee prANam eragaye sevura

tera chapa krinde kann-erra jeyura

nee kanTi yerupe maaku toli poddhura

3. nee chekka padavale needu sainyaalura

nee vukku kanDale nee aayudhAlura

samdhralaa paine pOru janDetthara

sangha balame neeku anDaga undhi ra

4. Adavilo girijanudu aligi lechADura

kadalilo jaalare kadhale raavemi ra

adavi kaDaliga maari- kaDali adavitho jay-ree

dopiDI rajyaanni maarchi veyaali ra

Period Of Change
The Campaign:  To eradicate menstrual taboo and to make more comfortable and eco-friendly options for menstrual hygiene available for women.
The #PeriodofChange runs through May 28.
The Signs:  People are holding signs that say "I stand with #Period of Change because … "
SAI #periodofchange  Stephanie #periodofchange  Sourabh #periodofchange

AID supports Relief & Rehab after Nepal Earthquake

 Rebuilding Nepal The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th has left behind a trail of wide spread damages having killed more than 8,000 people and lakhs of survivors who lost their homes and livelihoods. Another massive earthquake hit Nepal on May 12th leaving dozens dead, thousands injured and more cities and villages destroyed.

Association for India's Development (AID) plans to support grassroots partners, Ganga Ghar , Nepalese Children Education Foundation and America Nepal Medical Foundation , that are working on ground in Nepal. On their request, AID has arranged to raise funds that will be directed towards the immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation work. Some of these groups are working in rural areas where limited help has reached.

Donate Now to the Nepal Relief & Rehabilitation Fund



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