Chapters Host Indian Ocean Fall 2015 Tour

2015 Indian Ocean Tour AID Chapters across the US are hosting concerts by Indian Ocean

Boston, Sept 18th

Austin, Sept 27th

Baltimore, Oct 3rd

Bayarea, Oct 10th

Jal (Water): Call for Photographs

The Association for India's Development is looking for photographs for its Annual Calendar 2016Our calendar contains messages related to grassroots development and social issues and reaches more than 5000 people across the globe. 

The theme for 2016 is  'Jal' (Water).  We are especially looking for photographs that carry a social/environmental/ecological/cultural/political significance related to water.

Can you suggest any lake/river/water-body with a powerful story and an outstanding photograph? Please send entries to



  • Submissions should be Original
  • Short 1 line description of the water-body with the associated story
  • High resolution 300 dpi
  • Landscape orientation
  • Name of the photographer sent separately in the email

For primary consideration please send entries by August 31 2015.

Contributors will receive credit and complimentary copies of the calendar. 


Please share this message widely in all your circles connected to

movements, travel, photography and media.


~ AID Calendar 2016 team



Jal: Call for Photographs 

Voice of the Volunteer - Water
Visit AID at the India Mela | Dayton Convention Center August 15

Made in a village to sustain the planet

Fair-trade, eco-friendly products from the heart of India are coming to Dayton, Ohio!


Vegetable dyed block print kurti from Hunar Revolution

To help forge producer-consumer links and provide the community with avenues to purchase goods made in socially and environmentally responsible ways, AID is proud to support fair trade with tailors, weavers and artisans creating beautiful and practical goods, sustaining traditional techniques and livelihoods. Helping consumers avoid disposables, they come with built-in reusability to facilitate a zero-waste lifestyle. Relying on human power rather than fossil fuels, the products feature:


  • hand-spun, hand-loom fabrics tailored on pedal-operated sewing machines

  • recycled and up-cycled fabrics
  • traditional and modern designs

  • hand-crafted terra cotta and bamboo

  • vegetable dyes, block prints, hand-embroidery


Visit AID at the India Mela: Dayton Convention Center, August 15, 2015

India Mela:  22 East 5th Street, Dayton, OH 45402

Display of products from Jivika (Andhra), Chitrika (Andhra), Hunar Revolution (Rajasthan), Mohammed Bazar Backward Classes Development Society (West Bengal), Jagrutha Mahila Sangham (Karnataka) and Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao (Maharashtra)


Khadi, hand loom, UpCycled fabrics, block-prints, hand-embroidery, applique and more for fine evening and casual wear, exquisite hand-work on stoles, kurtas, wallets, and handcrafted jewelry and hair accessories.

Children's books about nature, society and life in India, and the Narmada Commemorative Calendar for 2015-16. 


AID needs volunteers at the Green Festival!  Get familiar with the products and the values behind them, and learn about how AID works for socially and environmentally just and sustainable development.  To volunteer for AID at the Green Festival, sign up here.  


Details of selected products below:

Jivika Goods for Life and Livelihood:  Khadi and handloom kurtas, pungis, slings, nursing wear, tote bags and more, made by home-based tailors in villages of Srikakulam District using fabrics locally spun and woven.

girls in pungis 1bcrop

What is a Pungi? Funny you should ask! It is a cross between a pant and a lungi. For khadi-clad comfort and security, you can't beat a pungi.


Jivika Goods for Eco-Friendly Living: Your zero-waste lifestyle just got closer to zero! Say NO to plastic bags with these 1kg veggie bags and 3-pocket tote bags. Weigh your veggies directly in the bag and store them at home without resorting to those rolls of plastic bags in the produce aisle.  


SNTPbag3 Beans and peas in their own bags. Jivika 3pocket Diaper_bag1

Chalo Baby: Jivika's line of products for little ones and the people who love them.


Baby on the go can see the sights, enjoy the world, take a break and more! The sling allows baby to go places with elders whose hands are free to do things, making life a little more lively for all.


Mihika comfy in sling sling1 Naga Sling Lahari Divya Sling


Karthik Dishaa sling Janice and Zahan sling2b  vijay with sling


The nursing kurta is an attractive, zipper-free top that helps make it convenient to nurse anytime, anywhere. 

vimla nursing Nursing at the Grand Canyon parth nursing kurta1  


Chalo Baby Khadi and Handloom diapers and prefolds are soft, absorbent and washable. Designed for optimal infant hygiene, Chalo Baby cloth diapers are compatible with elimination communication.   

khadi diapers assorted  Kinu diaper  Chalo Handloom DIaper3 


Clean, green and comfortable menstrual pads! 100% cotton handloom, flannel or combination cotton and fleece varieties.


Jivika flannel pads2 Jivika Pads2  Jivika Handloom Pad Jivika Pads4


Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan in Raichur District in Karnataka presents terra cotta jewellery, handmade with expert care.


terra cotta jewellery1  terra cotta jewellery2 terra cotta jewellery3


Hand-Embroidered Scarves and Fine Grass Jewelry made by Mohammed Bazar Backward Classes Development Society in Birbhum, West Bengal. 


DSC_0368_scarves3  DSC_0320 DSC_0317 MBBCDS grass earring 


Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao (GBGB) Upcycled Handbags, Purses and Pouches

Made in Ambujwadi (Mumbai) Maharashtra

Did you ever think about all the cloth left over after factories cut patterns for dresses and home furnishings?   Observe the creative designs using bits of remnant cloth that make up these stylish handbags:

UpCycle Handbag Black White Taupe Stripes UpCycle Handbag Burgundy Taupe Stripe UpCycle Handbag Black White Curves2 

and more!

To volunteer for AID in Dayton or Cincinnati, sign up here.   

Remember a Freedom Fighter, Make A Difference

 As we approach India's 69th Independence Day, we have created a special website to focus on a freedom fighter, leader and social reformer, who was born into a family treated as untouchable, fought for freedom for all especially those of the oppressed castes and who drafted the constitution of free India. Dr. Ambedkar's perspective can give us a deeper idea of freedom and independence.

We also present some of the work of Dalit groups, movements and issues that AID is in solidarity with. We hope you find the site meaningful and make a difference.

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