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Stand Up Against the Rape & Murder of the 16 year old

 Protest Against Rape & MurderPlease sign and share the petition to protest the rape and murder of the 16 year old girl from Madhyamgram, West Bengal.

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Mamata Banerjee
Chief Minister, West Bengal

We, the undersigned, condemn the rape and murder of the 16 year old girl from Madhyamgram, West Bengal. We further condemn the complete inability of the state administration to protect her after she filed a police complaint on Oct 26th, 2013, which resulted in her being abducted and raped again by the friends of the original assailants. On Dec 23rd the girl was set on fire in her house allegedly by the rapists and she succumbed to her burns on Dec 30.Subsequently, in a cover-up effort, police attempted in shameful manner to seize and cremate her body without her family’s permission which we unequivocally condemn and protest as well.

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One For India 2013
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AID launches One For India 2013 campaign

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Intn'l Human Rights Day
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29 Years of Fighting for Justice in Bhopal

AID salutes the survivors and their 29 years of fight for justice and stands in solidarity with them.29th Anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster