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HESCO's Second Report on R& R in Uttarakhand
Relief and Rehabilitation

Relief by HESCO

AID has been supporting HESCO's relief and rehabilitation work in Uttarakhand. HESCO has been focusing on the 2 districts of Uttarkashi and Rudraprayag.

Dry food items given to 134 families; solar lanterns distributed in 15 villages; 12 Aluminum sheets given to 28 households; school kits to 250 children; 120 tarpaulins; warm clothing in 3 villages in the 2nd phase.


Read the detailed report from HESCO here .

AID's Uttarakhand R&R Page

Cyclone Phailin: 2 days after......
Relief and Rehabilitation

2 days after the cyclone our volunteers Peter and Surya of Srikakulam District visit the coastal Etcherla Mandal and report -- "The  major dilemma that was faced unanimously by the fishing families along the coast was getting their boats above the high tide line and moored to something secure so as they would not be dragged out to sea. There were a few cases where some boats did get dragged out and damaged but were able to be recovered in the following days. A fishing boat is a huge investment to the families and they will do everything possible to protect them, we heard one story where the husband and wife were frantically holding on to their boat as it was getting dragged out by the increasing waves and tide and were willing to be dragged out with it, not letting go…"  Read Peter's Full Report Here


Over 100 Homes Built by PSI in Uttarakhand
Relief and Rehabilitation


AID is supporting long term rehabilitation in Uttarakhand by People's Science Institute that is working with communities to rebuild shelters and sustainable livelihoods.

Click here to read the 3rd report from PSI .


AID's Uttarakhand Page

2014 AID Calendars
AID News

2014 Calendar Cover

Natya - Performance::Expression::Identity - dance and theater forms from the deserts, mountains & plains of India. From Aoling of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland to the Ghoomar of the Bhils of Rajasthan - a treat for the eye and the soul. The 2014 AID calendars are here.

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AID Volunteer attacked for responding to a call for help from a minor girl being forced to marry
The Association for India's Development (AID) condemns the cowardly attack on Linkan Subuddhi, an AID Noida volunteer, who was responding to a call for help from a minor girl being forced to marry. We demand that the perpetrator of this attack be brought to justice, adequate steps be taken by the Child Welfare Committee to ensure that the girl is not forced to marry while being a minor, and both the girl and Linkan be provided protection to ensure their safety.

On 19th September, Linkan Subuddhi was attacked brutally in Naya Bans, Sector 19 Noida. Linkan is a volunteer with AID Noida, which runs a community schoolPrayas in Noida. The perpetrator was attempting to forcibly marry a 14 year old minor who is a student at the Prayas school.


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