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Historic civil disobedience movement by Indira Sagar dam oustees....
 The satyagrahis are gradually becoming weaker and developing fever, boils, allergies.The skin of many satyagrahis is falling off, and blood is seeping out, Thier bodies are being eaten by animals who live in the reservoir. Since the water is polluted, grave diseases are apprehended. But despite these adverse circumstances, their spirits are high. Today, 14 women satyagrahies had to be hospitalized from Malud Satyagrah.....
11 Villages Inundated in Murshidabad (WB)
Relief and Rehabilitation

AID has sent Rs 700000 from its All India Relief Fund for Murshidabad Relief to support food, drinking water, tarpaulins and basic medical needs

Please donate to AID's All India Relief Fund

By Sept 10th, relief material has reached 9000 people.

Meet the Farmers from Sunderbans

Sustainable Organic Agri in Sunderbans

AID has been working with the communities in Sunderbans on sustainable organic agriculture since cyclone Aila salinated agricultural land in May 2009. Starting with 25 farmers, today more than 4000 farmers have joined the movement. Farmers are the trainers who are taking the movement forward.


Click here to meet more farmers from Sunderbans .


Click here to learn more about the sustainable organic agriculture project in Sunderbans.

This is no natural flood.....

The people of the Narmada valley are facing havoc  as flood waters from the poorly designed Sardar Sarovar dam that is being constructed in violation of the "rehabilitation before submergence" law of the Narmada Tribunal Award and orders of the Indian Supreme Court, have entered thousands of homes and fields.  A completely avoidable human-made tragedy with pictures that looks like nature's wrath and a telling press release from the Narmada Bachao Andolan.....

 Press Note: Illegal submergence of thousands of acres of land and hundreds of houses in Narmada Valley

AID appears in ToI article
The News

Journey AID is mentioned in a Times of India article as one of the groups working in the US for grassroots causes in India.


Read the article here


AID is a volunteer organization that partners with grassroots groups in India to work on issues in the area of agriculture, health, education, people's rights, women's empowerment. If you are interested to volunteer with AID please drop in a line to info [at]

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