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Kailashben and Bhikiben
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 Bhikhi & Kailash from Agariya CommunityKailashben and Bhikiben are two friends from the Agariya community, the traditional saltmakers of India. After their 12th grade, Rs 2500 per semester stood between them and their desire to continue their education. Organizers from Janpath talked to the Principal to get 50% sponsorship while AID supported the rest.

Three years later both Kailashben and Bhikiben called and said now they want to pursue an MA and BEd.

Read more about how AID partners with the Agariya community in the Little Rann of Kutch

Role of Breastfeeding in the Campaign against Malnutrition in DJ Halli
Fauzia and her daughter Sania in DJ Halli

Breastfeeding forms a strong nutritional foundation for human health, but public health services are not keeping up with mothers' needs for support; nor are they effectively countering aggressive marketing by the packaged food and formula industry.


Following the death of 6 year old Meghala in 2013, the ongoing campaign against malnutrition galvanized into action in DJ Halli, a densely populated basti in Bangalore.   


AID Bangalore volunteer Chetana Kulkarni reports on the campaign against malnutrition and highlights the importance of breastfeeding and of awareness and counseling for mothers. 

AID stands in solidarity with survivors of Vasant Kunj Fire
Not Making Headlines

After Vasant Kunj FireOn Friday April 25, a massive fire destroyed nearly 700 homes in the Vasant Kunj area of South Delhi.

Indian Express report

At least a thousand people have lost their home and belongings. AID stands in solidarity with the survivors and those working to help them. We are in touch with our partner organizations working in Delhi as well as AID-NCR (National Capital Region) volunteers. We are ready to send support on an emergency basis as needed by our partners.

A report from the ground states:

Dalit Activists Speak at AID Chapters

 Dalit activists speaking to AID volunteersDalit activists Asha Kowtal of All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM) and Thenmozhi Soundararajan, an activist and filmmaker urged the audience to break the deafening silence over caste-based violence against women in India.

The activists have given talks in several chapters of AID. They reported on the Dalit Mahila Swabhiman Yatra or the Dalit Women's March for Self-Determination, a journey that covered 4 states in north India and lasted more than a month, from Feb 17 to Mar 12. 

Sustainable Circles in Sunderbans

 Street Play as part of Sustainable Circles

The farmers of Sunderbans and AID volunteers of Kolkata joined hands to start sustainable circles where farmers share their experiences and methods of sustainable farming. Following is a brief account of the first sustainable circle held in the remote island of K-Plot.

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