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2015 Must See...

AID Conference

May 23/24, Austin 

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Articulate Ability Concert Tour

Look at our abilities














Fall 2014 tour by Articulate Ability through AID chapters. Watch a mesmerizing performance by 5 visually challenged dancers accompanied by 2 sighted dancers. 

Articulate Ability is a not for profit organization dedicated to the support and promotion of artistic talent among people with disabilities. Currently focusing on the visually impaired, the foundation has been training and showcasing their ability in Classical Dance and Traditional dance forms of India in both India and abroad. 

RTI on Wheels
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 RTI on Wheels in J&K RTI on Wheels Students Gathered around RTI on Wheels






 "Information is the currency of democracy.” The origin and the exact meaning of this quote may be debatable, but the fact that an informed public is essential to true democracy is beyond dispute. The Right to Information Act (RTI), passed in 2005, is a powerful tool the public can wield to stay informed, and to demand answers.

Trust for Reaching the Unreached
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AID's partner Trust for Reaching the Unreached has been working on the issues of education and health, for decades in the tribal region of Panchmahal in Gujarat. The high school in Shivrajpur is not easily accessible to tribal communities because of the difficult terrain. 

Listen to AID volunteers Asti Bhatt and Pavan Vaidyanathan, who in July 2014 visited the Trust for Reaching the Unreached (TRU), in the Panch Mahals district of rural Gujarat.  

Read more about Abhinav Kanya Shiksha Karyakram, a project of Trust for Reaching the Unreached. 

AID Retreat at Boston
The AID retreat in Boston was specially marked by the presence of Ayesha Khatun. There were several activities like the gender-based violence session, the ice-breaking skit, and of course the preparation for lunch! Good, healthy, and volunteer-made food. 

Play on patriarchy by WRise
Why are women raped and beaten the world over? Even after hundreds of years of civil society and decades of universal suffrage and civil rights, women are treated as second-class citizens. Capitalism, too, does not deliver equality, and women’s work both at the office and at home is undervalued in comparison to their male counterparts. Why do women find themselves in this system of patriarchy generation after generation? What is patriarchy, and how did it come to be the least challenged and the most prominent form of dominance in human history?

Jodi Tor Dak Shune Kyu Na Ashe: A Journey with Ayesha Di (Walk Alone Friend)

by Surbhi Bansal 

This is the beautiful song whose tune I hummed as I took a solo walk in the picturesque town of Boulder, Colorado at mid-day on the first day of the Annual Conference 2014. Ayesha Khatun, the fiery lady (or I would say the Bengal Tigress) from West Bengal had just given a powerful Keynote address on Women’s Empowerment outlining the perils of the Santhal (tribal) women of the Bengal region. She talked about Adivasi, Dalit and Muslim women and communities in Birbhum District in West Bengal where even daily living resources are meager and conditions desperate.