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Association for India's Development is a volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as agriculture, energy,  education, health , livelihoods, natural resources including land and water, women's empowerment and social justice.

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AID 2016 calendar: Jal -- flow of life

 Watch the inspiring and colorful AID-2016 calendar video on the theme of rivers and lakes of India, set to Bhupen Hazarika's poem "Ganga behti ho kyun?". 

Be inspired all year round:   click here and get the AID 2016 calendar: Jal - Flow of life.

Visionary Natural Farmer Bhaskar Save (1922-2015)

Bhaskar Save

Bhaskar Save, organic farmer extraordinaire, passed away at home this afternoon at the age of 93.   He inspired and trained generations of organic farmers and shared his practical and visionary approach to food, soil, water and life with countless people who visited his farm, Kalpavruksha,  a veritable food forest and a net supplier of water, energy and fertility to the local eco-system, rather than a net consumer.    Legendary Japanese natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka (author of The One-Straw Revolution), described Bhaskar Save's farm as “the best in the world, even better than my own farm!” In 2010, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) honoured Save with the One World Award for Lifetime Achievement.   His students and family continue to share his teachings with practicing and aspiring farmers at the Natural Farming Training Center.


A visit to Bhaskar Save's farm, and learning from it has been documented in AID's July 1999 newsletter that notes, "Quoting Gandhi as if he lived next door, Save gave AID- Mumbai volunteers a seminar in this remarkably successful method of cultivating by respecting and conserving land and water.”  In tribute, we share some of his works.


Farmers Suicide & Agrarian Crisis -- Dr Goel

This October, AID is focusing on creating awareness on farmers' issues and agrarian crisis in India. Please see the engaging 15 minute video discussion with Dr Sudhir Giel.   More Agriculture posts this month (including recipes to cook organic food and millets!) are featured in  AID's facebook page.


15 Minutes. 

Dr Sudhir Goel, Commissioner of Amravati Division, Maharashtra who headed the special relief efforts for farmers, speaks about farmers suicides in Vidarbha, agrarian crisis,  failure of green revolution in rain fed areas, sustainable low input solutions such as Organic farming and in situ water conservation efforts through  watershed development,  crop insurance and the future involving farmer owned producer companies linking with a regulated corporate sector. 

Focus of AID

7 minute talk by Ravi Kuchimanchi on the vision and focus of AID at the "3 changemakers" dinner event on 26 Sept 2015 at University of Maryland. The room had a large mirror and Ravi starts off by seeing the Reflection of India's villages in that mirror, and how AID enables us to connect to it in multiple ways, and what it focuses on.