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Association for India's Development is a volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as agriculture, energy,  education, health , livelihoods, natural resources including land and water, women's empowerment and social justice.

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Professor Rajni Kothari (1928-2015)
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Rajni Kothari (1928 - 2015)Professor Rajni Kothari (1928 - 2015)

Eminent political scientist Rajni Kothari, founder of the Center for the Study of Developing Societies, author of critical works on India, democracy, politics, caste and poverty, former member of the Planning Commission, and guide to many scholars, activists and movements, passed away at his home in Delhi on Monday, January 19, 2015.

He is survived by two of his sons, Ashish & Miloon.  His wife Hansabehn (née Mehta) passed away in 1999 and their son Smitu passed away in 2009.  The work of all of them has touched AID in many ways, directly and indirectly. Following is a tribute written by the National Alliance of People's Movements, followed by articles by Yogendra Yadav and the Press Trust of India.
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Dear Friends and Well Wishers of India,

Looking forward to 2015.....

The journey that begins in each of us, when we stand up for a just cause, when we reach out and do something to help an oppressed person, when we feel the joy of laughter and the pain of sadness of those that are not directly related to us, when we strive to make a change in the world, is a journey that transforms and enriches our lives while making the world a nicer place for everyone.

One For India
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Change Starts With ONE: Be the ONE: To reach everyONE












Change starts with ONE: Be the ONE: To reach everyONE .

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Veteran Gandhian Chunibhai Vaidya (1918-2014)
The News
Chunibhai Vaidya with people of Mahuva rallying against displacement due to proposed Nirma Cement factory.

IF HE WAS in the US, he would be on the road with the youth demonstrating and demanding justice in Ferguson and New York. If he was in Peshawar, Pakistan he would be speaking up against the heinous murders of innocent children and the military rulers alike from the street. 

A life-long fighter for the land rights of the rural poor, Chunibhai Vaidya passed away at the age of 96 at his residence in Ahmedabad early on Friday morning.  Only a few days ago, he had told his colleague, Rajnibhai Dave, "when I am gone and you write about me in Bhumiputra, put a photograph of me in which I am shouting slogan."

A Gandhian to the core and a sarvodaya veteran, Chunibhai began his life in activism with the struggle for India's freedom from British rule.